adams TN

this weekend, some friends and myself went to see if we could find the bell witch.
location: adams, tn.
we didn't find her, but i did fond some photo's just waiting to be had.
i have NO IDEA who these immature people are who would dare try to lock our friend in the porta-potty. the nerve. really.


Sloney said...

I just love how my girlfriend and other great friend try to pull one over on me in the Port-O-Let! They were unsuccessful, I'd like to add!

Great pics as always, Jessica.

Jen Your Friend said...

What do you mean "immature"? Kidding. This weekend was so fun. I loved Angie's reaction to the port-o-let scare!

And Jess, i love your photos! You sure are an artistic one! i loved getting to hang with you this weekend! xo!

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