you have a job.

i have major stress in my life. and i will share it with you. because as i have said before, this is my blog, and i can do this. i am sorry.
my stress is...i am trying to decide on some top photos to frame. i would like to make a whole wall of my favorites and put them in a frame with a large white mat and black frames. i think it'll look good. i will let you all see the finished product whenever it gets finished...
i will start with the children in my life, i need to narrow it down to three. i have a lot of pictures, okay??? help a sister out, tell me which three that i should put on my wall and look at all the time because i love them all. and then i will share the others...oh, i gots more...
and here they are.
seriously? you pick three. you decide. tell me. i mean, how can you pick? it is an impossible job and i can't do it. can not. unable. you should have seen the blood, sweat and tears that got me to this point. i am not in good conditions at all today. please feel sorry for me.


Alicia said...

the boys in their boots
the girls laughing
the baby on the swing

done....there you go.....finished! :)

You are welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

Umm...should you even ask? The girls laughing should be automatic.

John and Sarah Clore said...

the miniature rockstar on the blanket fo' sho'. lots of people have commented on how artsy that photo is. and, no, i am in no way biased. that child is simply beautiful---period :)

John and Sarah Clore said...

oh, and the boys in their boots. i love that one!

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