miracles and mysteries

when you look at a baby, it makes me question those that don't believe in god. perfect in every way. perfect lips, nose and eyes. even the "imperfect" ones are so perfect. they were perfectly formed just how they were meant to be formed, given to the parents that god wanted them to have. what the world sees as imperfections, are perfections. they are what make each of us unique and who we individually are. as soon as babies are out of the womb, they have complete trust in those around them to satisfy all their needs. life is a miracle.
life is also a mystery. i can not tell you the times in my life when i thought i had it all figured out and then WHAM it blows up right in my face. just when i thought i had it under control and things were going just the way they were supposed too...the mystery still exist.
i love a good mystery. i have always wanted to be nancy drew
(i could be her for halloween!!!), but just like i dove into those books years ago, turning page after page as quickly as i could to solve the mystery...i sometimes wish that was the way with life.
mystery is good for a while, but eventually the book has to end. the pages have to run out. and when the pages have all been read, and the mystery is no more, what is left is a fulfilled feeling of the known. the truth. and just as soon as that mystery, the one that kept you up at night is solved....life hands you another one.
keep reading.
you never know what's gonna happen.

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