new digs.

here are some new discoveries i have made lately: -there is a huge dump in nashville. -it cost $5 to (in fact) dump your trash there. -they are closed on sundays (which can really throw things off in a move) -they have very strict rules (two trips per day) -so if you are really trashy (like myself) you are in a world of hurt. -i successfully moved from a house to two rooms. -success: all my worldly possessions are in the two rooms. -success: and i do believe my large marge christmas tree will fit. -success: i think it is going to look very "anthropologyish" -my mama can clean the heck out of a refrigerator. -my landlord stole my meat that was in the freezer. -and the basket that was in the trash. -water damage in a basement makes me want to curse. -i do not curse. -water and mold on your good items in a basement really want to make me swear. -i do not swear. -water damage and mold on things in a basement that are not yours... -i might take up swearing. -the drive to work is now 20 minutes or longer. -i have missed you gerry house. -i need some new couch pillows. -and some more birds and owls. welcome to east nashville, jessica.

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