three years ago...

So, Sunday night there was a GAP holiday meeting for all employees. There were about 45 of us there, just standing around kinda chatting, not really knowing each other.

To get to know each other better, the manager made us go around the room and introduce ourselves, tell how long we have been at the GAP, why we like the holidays and what kind of eggs we like (yes, that was the question...and you would have been shocked at how opinionated people are about their eggs).

To say the least, I was shocked at how many people said they didn't like the holidays, or hated the holidays (I have to say my favorite response to the holiday question was..."I like the holidays, because the shoplifters are nicer!"). Being shocked about what others are saying (because I am thinking, "I can not believe they are saying they hate the holidays."), with the added pressure of it almost being my turn to talk (and since I am new at GAP, I needed something clever and cute to say) added with the stress of what kind of eggs do I really like? Yes, the pressure was mounting.

My turn: "Hi, my name is Jessica Morrison. Um, I have been at the GAP for about a month, I guess. I like the holidays because of family and friends. And, ummm, I like my eggs scrambled." (Yay! You go. Make your mark! They will remember you little clever one, you! I mean, really. Could I have said anything more normal?)

But the weirdest thing happened and I have been thinking about it since Sunday. As I was saying...friends and family are what I like about the holidays. I was thinking, why do I like the holidays? I totally lied. It is not friends and family for me. I mean, I love them both, but I see my friends all the time and I only live an hour away from my family. And then I started thinking, do I like the holidays? All I could really think was, Christmas is really quite stressful, but I do like the holidays, I think.

Then it hit me. As I was standing at the register tonight, checking one customer after another out, listening to Rudolph for the 100th time of the night. HOPE. That is why I like Christmas. It may seem silly, but that's really it. HOPE.


that next year is gonna be better

that I can do this again

that maybe I won't be alone next year

that it's gonna get better

that Christmas will be fun this year

So, ask me what I like about the holidays. Oh, I am ready. I have an answer. I promise, I won't I did to all my GAP co-workers. Ask me about aggs. Yeah, I am still trying to figure that one out!

-written november 21, 2006

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