west side to the east side.

change is not my game. i don't do well with it, i don't like it. in the heat of the moment, i hate it. but i like a good challenge, and even better a mystery. so instead of change, i am going to "change" what i am going through into a mystery, it just makes me feel better.
since i have lived in nashville, i have lived in the same house tucked in a fun road in the west side of nashville. it's close to where i work and all around has been a great place to call home. in the past six months, there has been a lot of uprooting though and i find myself having to move. i love this house, but daily i am growing less and less fond of it and am accepting my new mystery in life.
a move. a move to east nashville, the other side of town. if you were from clarksville (and i am), you might call it "the other side of the river..." well, here i go. next weekend, i am packing all my belongings (and let me just tell you, me gots too many belongings) and moving.
going from living with three other people for five plus years to myself alone.
going from a house with four bedrooms to a basement apartment with two rooms.
clearing out clutter, is good for the soul, right?
i love a good decorating challenge and this will be my biggest challenge yet. there will be lots of birds and owls everywhere, for i have an addiction.
are you getting excited? i need you to get excited. at least i can put up the tree right away...
christmas at harding house. last year.


John and Sarah Clore said...

where are you moving to? so sad you have to leave......i pass by your house everyday now on my way to and from work....

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Harding House...Thanks for an amazing five years! I'll miss you!

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