LIVE and unplugged...

not everyone can get a free show at the drop of a hat. but most everyone CAN leave a free show at the drop of a hat. unless your name is ms. jessica. then you are stuck. you are stuck telling them that their out of tune wonders are excellent, their skills are unprecedented and "yes, you really are a real rock star."
even if they take the stage in their best underpants, and no shoes, you just smile, dance and sing along. then when he gets real revved up, you just have to brace yourself, 'cause it's gonna be a long three minutes. (or however long it takes him to decide that his brothers instrument is cooler than his and he decides to take it right out of his hands...hey, he's a weal live wock star...what do you expect?)
that's right before you get a mother of all headaches. and she and i bow gracefully out of the room. i mean, i am just trying to prevent her from botox, see the stress the noise is calling her?
if you could only see her nanny...

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