all in a days work.

because i know you all want to know; i will share an excerpt from my evening. i know, i know. you are all on the edge of your seats. calm down. i have just put the little fellas to bed. i thought i would be nice tonight and let them sleep together. i was stupid, not nice. an hour later they are still giggling. so i have decided to lay down the law and after multiple warnings, separated them and put them in their own beds. one of the fellas is having an absolute 'take me to the river' and 'oh mylanta level 10' meltdown because "HE DOES NOT LIKE TO SLEEP LOW!!!" (he is in the lower bunk bed) i told him he had til i counted to three or he was going to have to take a time out to calm down. 1 (screaming) 2 (screaming) 3 (quiet) funny how good that works. i leave the bedroom, no one is injured all is quiet. "MSSSSSSSSS. JESSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIICCCCCCCAAAAAAAA!!!" back to their room i am headed. crying holding his empty cup out for me to see, he tells me, "MY BROTHER DRANK ALL MY WATER!!!" i say, "you said you did not want any water. why do you care?" "i don't. night, night." he turns over and goes to sleep. i am sticking to my guns. i have always said children are all bi-polar til they are five. i am right.
while i am telling on the little fellas. the other night their parents took them to seethe rockettes here in nashville. they both love shows and watch intensely. when the kickin' rockettes came out in their slinky santa suits (you know the ones. the one that are pretty much shirts, the entire leg exposed so you can see the kickage.) one of the little fellas say, "hey, those ms. claus' don't have any pants on!" to which the other replies," santa sure is a lucky man..."

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Pam said...

No way. They're born all boy, and it never changes!

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