for those of you that are interested.

and for those of you that aren't,
but can't tear yourself away from my blog.

i have some info'mation that you might want to know.

oh heck. might? you do want to know.

if you have a camera, a nice one, not a nice one, little, big, don't have a camera...but are interested in photography and getting better. or just interested in seeing some really good pictures and seeing how they got that way...

this is what you need to do. (after you have read ALL my blog entries of course...)

go. visit. devour:
she will tell you everything you need to know to help you improve your skills and while you are there read her blog, read everything she does, for she is awesome. i want to be as good as her when i grow up.

what kinda woman shall i call myself?

and then when you are all finished with all of her loveliness, head on over to:
he will tell you all kinds of things too to improve your skills. he is a preacher, a cook, photographer, father, husband...and the list goes on. he has a lot to read about as well.

but both of these sites have such useful information and every chance i get i like to learn something new that i can apply to my skills (or lack there of) to make me better.

that's all.

peace out.



Alicia said...

Don't you just love that I MUST comment on EVERY one of your blog entries? I mean really! You'd think I'd have something better to do, wouldn't you? NOPE!!!

My comment for this one is simple:


John and Sarah Clore said...

i learned a lot from pioneer woman when i first got my camera. she taught me all i know about aperture, shutter speed, and iso. :) still have lots of catching up to do on there. and i'm excited to read this new guys blog!

if you're ever interested in watching some videos, you should check out

some of it is SUPER basic, but i'm super basic right now :) he has tons of videos, so maybe something in there can help you out. thanks for passing this along!

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