christmas is officially over.

i am ready for the tree to go away and clear some things out. as much as i love the look, smell and feel of christmas time, i am always ready for all the clutter to be gone and for life to take back over.

i am excited though!

when i take my tree down this year, i am going to get hard at work on a project, i think i shared it with you all a few months ago. i want to frame 12 of my favorite photos in different sizes and frames and display them in one wall (the wall where the tree currently resides). i think it will look cool and will inspire me only to keep working and improving my skills in photography. it will be a labor of love and will take a while, but when it is all said and done i will happily share the photos and outcome with you all.

and after i grow up and become a real live photographer, then i will become an interior designer...if this professional blogger thing does not work out.

by the way have i mentioned i am in love with the D90? the way it looks. the way it sounds. how it feels in my hands. when i have it in my hands i feel like a big deal.

i feel like harriet felt when she told her cousin tess that she goes to clarksville sometimes.

let me tell you the story:

harriet is one of the little peanuts i used to nanny for, one of my favorite little girls ever. once i took she and her two brothers to clarksville to morrison lane just to hang out with my family for the day and just play in the country. real life. clarksville. country. no big deal.

always looking to impress her much older teenage cousin tess, five year old harriet was talking to tess one day and out of the clear blue, she puts her hands on her hip and throws her hip out and says in the most grown up voice she could muster..."well, i go to clarksville sometimes..."

she felt like a big deal.

that is exactly how i feel when i hold my D90.

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