"i gots this new camera here and i am gonna need to take your picture. please and thank you."

"ummm...what? please leave me alone, can't you see i am busy on google maps."

"seriously, jessica. remove the camera
from my face"

"thank you my kind sir for your participation."

cut your eyes at me that will be a good shot!"

"no problem. i don't even have to move."

"dear lord, she's still here. if i am
MUTE she will go away."

"no such luck."

"annoying, she is. but she is also..."


"...and then he took a sip of diet coke and i knew this photo shoot was over."

dang it.

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Alicia said...

could you two get any cuter? really? i mean, seriously? come on! stop the insanity! the cuteness is hurting my eyes! love ya!

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