merry christmas

better late than never!
i know you have all been anxiously awaiting my christmas greeting, and i am sorry that i have let each and everyone of you down. so i will make it up and go ahead and wish you a
happy new year.
do you love me again?
thank you.

as many of you have hear me belly ache and whine over the course of FOREVER...i have been wanting a nikon D90 for all my live long days. i want to be a photographer when i grow up and this is the camera that will get me there.


for christmas this year,
i got the nicest and sweetest, most thoughtful present ever...
a D90.

i am still in awe of the gift and the camera. it is so professional, and i think this camera will really take me where i want to go. i already can see a lens addiction in my future... it is my new favorite possession and my favorite person gave it to me.

pretty good combination, amirite?

so here's a taste of what's to come. these pictures have no editing, they are straight out of the camera. i want to think i just have that eye for the shot, but this camera is simply amazing and i am thinking that one of the little fellas could be a photographer with this awesome camera.

christmas memories 2009


Alicia said...

hello....fabulous! i know just how you can really put this new toy to the test! can you guess? really, they are really good shots and just in case you were do have an eye for a good shot! awesomeness! merry christmas and happy new year to you, too! btw, my favorite is the one of jane! it's fab!

John and Sarah Clore said...

we should get together and play with our D90s someday. :) i have a pretty serious lens addiction, and a child that would like to eat. decisions, decisions,.....what to spend my money on......

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