my year in review.

january: rang in the new year in TN. saw someone i really wanted to see. saw "dancing with the stars" live. ran face first into a pole and nearly dislocated my entire left side.

february: girls trip to birmingham for my birthday. (and i must add, these gals have some good hair...) had our gals plus one anniversary dinner at olive garden. took in some fabulous local wrestling. had an oscar party. riverdance. went to a surprise birthday party at the wrong house.

march: did hair and make up for my friends film. met this guy. grand ole opry. henry turned fourteen. helped a friend shoot a commercial. st. patrick's day parade. i forgot to wear green.

april: started and completed the country music half marathon. and lived to tell about it.

may: did a photo shoot for a friend's new baby. went to the city of angels for the first time. saw elton john and billy joel LIVE.

june: fardon's came for a visit. saw coldplay.

july: rained out at a baseball game on the 4th of july. went to a party in atlanta. beach in TN. woke up to a mysterious broken window.

august: paul mcCartney LIVE. de la soul. painted a mural. saw let's rock become reality. tire blow out on the interstate.

september: little fella's got a little sister. k.s. rhoads. almost got scammed out of $1000.00. metallica. back to los angeles.

october: bell witch. camping. saw peyton play. superheroes.

november: moved to a new place. thanksgiving. christmas tree up. packed and unpacked. bruce.

december: bulls game. chicago. visit fardons. weekend with the fellas and little bit.

a lot of changes.
a few surprises.
this year turned out to show me a few things.

impossibilities can become possibilities.
dreams can become reality.
never been became no more.

what a year.

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Alicia said...

Although it's been through facebook and your blog, I am so happy that we've been back in touch for over a year now! I am so thrilled that so many of your dreams are coming true and know that there are many more to come! Thanks so much for sharing your life with those of us who don't get to see you! I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a fabulous 2010!

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