1. christmas is twenty days away. this thrills me to no end, but stresses me out a little too. i hope santa realizes that i was good enough and a d90 is currently in the works.
2. dirty dancing is just good. it is the best movie ever and makes me happy. when i was growing up on morrison lane, i would go to my aunts to watch it because my daddy would have never allowed such a movie in his house. i would sneak over and watch it and if i heard his truck coming up the road i would quick, fast and in a hurry turn it off.
-he never came in the house. ever.
-and why did i feel the need to turn it off when i heard his truck a half a mile away?
-and why am i just now realizing this?
3. i am out of burt's bees chapstick and have not made it to target lately. my lips are hating me for this. and i am hating them as well. we are not currently friends. at all.
4. i am real excited about christmas this year. really really. are you?
5. i have a girl crush on lisa rinna. i think if we met we would become fast friends. i meant to go to her store while in l.a..... to buy some clothes, to be her friend, to be her nanny...anything...i forgot.
6. i went to california twice in four months and did not put my toe in the ocean. not even one time. there is something wrong with that.
7. i think the little fella's sister is the cutest thing i have ever seen. she threw up all over me today and i still liked her. when i sing "well, i've had the time of my liiiiffffeeee..." to her she "coo's" like nobody's business.
8. it is friday and i am real thrilled about that.
9. i still like tiger. tiger woods. he is an excellent golfer and i still will cheer for him and want him to win tournaments.
10. i have to go, taylor swift is on jay leno...and i am becoming a fan. with the rest of the world. what have i become?
happy friday.

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