dear caca

as some of you know, one of my best friends and her little girl moved to serbia last year.  they moved to live with a family who has three children, one of the children having autism.  she teaches him and helps care for him while the family is working and living overseas.  while there, they are able to travel and she is able to show her girl the world.  

since they are so far away, i keep up with them mainly through email and of course good ole facebook.  but with her girl, we communicate via email only.  she is eight, so facebook is out for her...(she had to wait til she was six to have a purse...) at least for the next year or so.  
so we email.

i recently emailed her and told her instead of christmas presents (they had traveled to vienna for christmas) i would be sending her a valentines package.  and asked her if bitty baby (her favorite babydoll) needed anything.

today i received this email from her:

She [bitty baby] has been on all the trips.She does need two things (1) winter shoes,(2) more clothes like winter dresses and outfits and some more jackets because she only has 2 and a little summer stuff.

Can you also get some of that gum that has sour strawberry and sweet strawberry in one packet and at least one box of hot tamales.

i love you and miss you    
i am still smiling.  adults would say, "oh, no...we are fine, whatever."  this baby DOLL has needs.  and she NEEDS some jackets because the poor DOLL only has two.  this is one neglected babydoll.  and don't forget that summer stuff...  SHOES...can't forget those either...

i hope this email makes your heart as warm as it did mine.  

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