masked stranger and granny clampet.

last night i was held against my own will and forced to go on a walk in the treacherous weather.  it had already snowed one sixteenth of an inch and the weather was quite inclement... i was nice and gave in and decided that the masked stranger looked nice enough from what i would see from the white of his eyes and the pink of his lips.  i only almost fell four times and my legs almost fell off from the cold, but other than that...
might i suggest:
- holding your head back and catching snow with your tongue.
- writing words in the canvas of the snow.
- catching snowflakes and really looking at how they really are all different.
- just talking, and walking slowing and enjoying just being in the present.
just don't leave your camera at home like i did...
today i am going to redo that walk and take my camera.  
oh yes i am.
calm down.

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