oh the weather outside...

let it snow
let it snow
let it snow

i love that fluffy white stuff.
playing it it.
sledding in it.
have red cheeks because of it.

i say "three cheers for snow!
hip hip hooray!"

growing up, i can not tell you how many people would get stuck in our driveway and my daddy would have to go and get them unstuck.  it was a daily occurrence when it snowed, it seemed that only my mom, dad, brother and myself were the only ones that could master the driveway.  
it is quite a driveway.
when i was coming home from youth group one evening, i got stuck in the drive way.  let me just tell you, when i say stuck. 
i was stuck.  stuck.
i called my mom and dad from my very large cell phone, from my mazda from the middle of my driveway to tell them i was stuck and needed help. my mom said since i was in the driveway and so close, just to lock up the doors and walk UP the driveway home.
here's the thing, MOM.
walking up the driveway.  first problem.
flat, slick church shoes.  second problem.
skirt.  third problem.
freezing cold.  you get the picture.
but do you?  
let me paint i for you so it's really really clear.
immediately both parents came out the front door, to make sure their baby (me) was okay.  i was upright and breathing (clearly all they were looking for...).  they came out the front door and yelled, "hey honey...you can do it, just walk on home!"  
we have a long driveway, yes, i was halfway home, but i had a long way to go and it was all uphill.  
so i started walking.  and sliding back down.
walking and sliding back down.
falling and sliding back down.
falling and sliding back down.
hands and knees, i started crawling home.  are you getting this?  my parents are on the front porch waving and cheering me on...and laughing at me might i add.  while their baby is crawling up the driveway home.  crawling and crying.  crawling and freezing.  crawling and yelling at my parents.  digging my church shoes in the ice with each crawl so i would not slide back down.  

forgive and forget.  it ain't happening.

needless to say, if we do get a snow storm in tennessee tonight, i will not be going home.  not in church shoes, at least.

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Alicia said...

oh my! and they didn't have a video camera back then to tape it? seriously, we might pay to see that one! i might be kidding, but probably not! :) thanks for sharing!

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