little fella-isms.

the boys are wrestling (wraslin'...if your from morrison lane) in their room before nap time.  i hear one say to the other, "bring it."
oh lord.  i might have to intervene. 

_ ___________________________________________ _

earlier today when we were having lunch, one of them asked me what i had been doing.  i promptly told him that i had been cleaning up and helping his mama decorate for the baby shower she is having this weekend.  he replies, "how can we wash the baby if it is still in her tummy?"

_ ____________________________________________ _

then, we were talking about going to the zoo soon.  the last time the fellas were at the zoo, they both got stung by bees.  so they were a little concerned about this and told me about it.  i told them that the cold would probably make the bees go away.  one of them says, "oh, but they can't go to heaven 'cause they they they would...ummm....turn into bumble bee angels and STING GOD and he WOULD NOT like that!"

and that folks.  is what i do.  for a livin'.

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Alicia said...

isn't it fabulous?

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