two men and a baby.

the subject of many a blogs are these two little fellas and there little bit sister.  here is how they have been lookin' lately.

today he is handy manny.  if only that darn marker would stay behind his ear.  for some reason it looses all appeal if the top is we keep the top off and hence write all over ears, face, hands...nothin' to it really...  if you were four you would understand.

today we were watching the 'rescuers down under' and got to the part where the boy mouse was going to propose to his girl mouse galfriend, and he kept loosing the ring....  my little fella was very confused about this and i explained to him that when a boy wants to marry a girl, he usually will give her a diamond ring and ask her to marry him.
"so where is your ring?"
i explained to him that i did not have a diamond ring because a boy had never asked me to mary him, but went on to tell him that when his mom got home i would show him her ring that his daddy gave her the day he asked her to marry him.  without missing a beat he says,
"oh, when i get bigger, i will have to find a diamond wing to give you and if i can't find a diamond wing i can just find a weally weally pwetty wing for you and give you?"
i told him that would be fine.

and then there is this sweet thing.  i have to look at her daily.  and then when i look at her, she does this to me...and then we do it all over again. oh my dear lord.

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christy waller said...

It's a circus, but I love it! Thanks for writing about them and loving them

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