here's the thing.  the blog right below this one.  yes, that one right down there.  i tried to make it all fancy like.  i try to be cool occasionally and always fail.  you would think i would get the hint.

well, i tried again.  to be cool, that is.  

and here's what happened.  

upon the first posting, i was told that i had spelt "washington" wrong.  i had spelt it as such "washigton" - wrong yes, but say it out loud three times.

washigton, washigton, washigton.  
i think i like it better.  maybe i should have stuck with it.  maybe i really spelt it right and everyone else has been spelling it wrong all these years. huh, huh?  maybe i am on to something.

i hate being wrong.  this is clear.  i am trying to change the english language.

so i took it down, changed the washigton to washington and reposted it.  for all the world to see.  all my words are spelt right, look at me.

and then last night, when he was looking at my post and reading it...and i was bragging just a little on myself, telling him, "oh, i am really proud of those pictures, they are so clear...they turned out really good..."  shut-up jessica.

he says, "jessica.  look.  i am only telling this because i know you would want me to."  then he is very still and allows me to read...i see nothing.

i read again.  oh heck.  you go have a gander.  you see anything?

i see nothing.  so he tells me.

romove the shirt.  really, jessica?  really.

i quit.  today i quit.

and tomorrow i will fix it, i promise.

but for today, he needs to romove his shirt.

look, i am only humun.  

opps.  i mean, human.

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