not da riber.

what you are seeing really happened.  he did the polar bear plunge on his own free will.  and you thought i would go the distance to get a good picture, no.  he wins.

but that wasn't until after he yelled a few times, "could you all move please."  at least, i think i heard him say please.  i think?  no, he didn't say please.  puh-lease!

there was only one problem this day.

we forgot a towel.

*note:  that was my camera treading across the water with him.


C H A R L E S said...

Though I kinda regret not partaking of the polar plunge myself, I wouldn't trade it for the quality time I spent with you along that Washigton shore.

Peyton X said...

haha brad told me about this. and your lucky brad didnt get your camera wet!

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