gin and juice.

yesterday, we had a photo shoot.  because she always looks like this and because i just can't help myself.

i always smile at her when i am looking at her and make strange faces and sing strange songs.  i sing them too loud, and in an obnoxious voice (you know the voice, the one that we all talk in to babies, the one that we assume is how we should talk when we are talking to babies...)  and she usually looks at me just like this.  for the entire duration of my dribblings, until...

she gives up and gives me her best gummy grin because:
     1)  she knows that's the only way i will be quiet.
     2)  she loves me and sometimes gives in just to humor me.
     3)  she loves to be in my blogs and knows this is exactly how to do it.
     4)  i am pretty darn funny.

i told her she looked like snoop dogg yesterday because she had her velour jogging suit on, and i also told her she needed some gin and juice.  she has no idea what i am saying, and thinks whatever i say is a great idea.

p.s.  i gave her a bottle...of milk.  you were worried, weren't you?

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