twin peaks.

it was bound to happen.  a blog about TWIN PEAKS.

in the past year i have been introduced to the world of TWIN PEAKS.  the show, the name it, i have had my formal introductions and we are now friends.

TWIN PEAKS + jessica = BFF

TWIN PEAKS was a TV show that ran in the early 1990's for two seasons.  it actually premiered on april 8, 1990 (charles and brad d., y'all are impressed, huh?) and even though it was on so long ago, there is quite a cult following.  i have had the pleasure of getting to know some of those followers, fans and the like.  

occasionally, little ole me gets a mention on for my pictures that i take along some twin peaks filming location adventures.  i always am flattered and honored when he picks my photo to use to represent something he has been looking for. and i get to capture the shot.  what you don't see is that there are usually 45,789,567 of the exact same shot in a different angle, so i say, "surely, he will like one of these!"  and sometimes he does.  lucky me.

recently we went to seattle to take in the beauty of the city and for a vacation and as luck would have it, we even had time to fit into our schedule some location hunting, because we are cool; and i also have a really awesome camera now, so i have no excuse not to get the shot.

the pressure.

while we were there, we met charles of, we got to spend the day with him and he was kind enough to invite us to stay in his home for two days (how nice is that?); it was a pleasure to get to know both he and rich (and the kitties) and hang out with them get to know them.

and yesterday with the help of, i made this discovery:

put a big, pretty link from his page to mine.  now wasn't that nice?  i mean, i am flattered.  i feel so official.  i feel like a big deal.  my head is getting big.  my blog made it to his page.  wow.

so here's what you need to do.  

if you love TWIN PEAKS, go to his page and take a gander.  if you have never heard of TWIN PEAKS, go to his page and take a look (and then rent both seasons and watch...), if you hate TWIN PEAKS, still - go check it out.  because it is a cool site and pleasing to the eye.  and his pictures, well - they are incredible.  

so.  hurry!  type this in your computer:  and enjoy everything you see.

and then when you are finished; go ahead and go here:, because he has recently went to prison and lived to tell all about it.  he lives life on the edge, that guy.  i am a pretty big fan of him as well.  i have already written a blog (or two) about him...

thanks charles for including me on your awesome page!

you rock,


Sloney said...

I don't know if you're serious or not about Brad going to prison....

C H A R L E S said...

Jessica, You are so more than welcome! How could I NOT link to your incredible site!? Especially since you've become a Twin Peaks location detective in your own right! ...or at least you've become an honorary member of our geek squad...but without the geek part, just the cool part.

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