did you miss me?

hi there, ho there, hello there.

i am sorry, i really am.  for i have been missing.  (in blogland that is.)  so dry your tired eyes and rest assured that things are fine and i am here to stay.  you are so very lucky, i know, i know.

some interesting things have happened since we last spoke:
-i went to gatlinburg, actually sevierville, tn.
-i stayed in a bunny filled cabin.  (more on this later)
-i came head to head with a man ghost.  (and i have his picture)
-the fellas little sister has turned six months old.
-a MUSE concert (which was really really awesome, might i add)
-i took some pictures (this, i know you find hard to believe)
-and decided to visit memphis and elvis in the near future.

there are many things i need to tell you.  but you must wait on the edge of your seat just a while longer, for i need to go.  i have brackets to fill out people!
(on the way to the mountains)

1 comment:

Alicia said...

You know that I (aka your #1 blog reader) missed you like crazy! Glad you're back.....anxiously awaiting your next posts!

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