pinch. pinch.

several things you need to know about this picture:

1.  this is a real live leprechaun that lives in erin tennessee.  do all leprechauns have feet as large as his?
2.  the girl in the red hat thought it was valentines day.  she's gonna get piii-iinched.
3.  the girl beside the leprechaun is nervous because she is standing so close to a (you guessed it) real live leprechaun.
4.  i have those same socks he is wearing.  i believe he got them at target.  clearly, he is a smart leprechaun.
5.  i do not have the same shoes.
6.  the lady to the far left of the picture looks like she is having a fan blown on her hair while she is having a photo shoot.  
7.  and i believe the other three whippersnappers to the right, are probably some misguided youth trying to steal candy from the children.  or maybe the crazies who keep running in the middle of the street to get the candy for the children...and i, for one, would never ever do that.  

and that is all you need to know about this picture.  but there is one more thing...


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