you need to be accountable to someone or something.  when you have accountability, i think you make better choices and you think before you act.  and since i disappeared and claimed that i was in chicago and florida, i felt the need to prove it to you.  just so you wouldn't think i was holed up at home painting my toenails and getting massages for the entire week i was away.

i would never do that. 

well, i would do that, but i would take pictures and tell you all about it.  let's stop and think about this wonderous idea for a minute though...  a week of nothing but massages and pedicures...can we make this happen, please???  pretty please!?

back to the original reason for writing this blog.  i tend to get a little sidetracked.  old news, i know, i know.  

while i was in chicago, the easter bunny made a surprise appearance.  (let's just say...i wasn't that surprised but the other three people in my party were surprised....who knew the easter bunny shows up even when your parents are not home!)  i continually told them that i thought the easter bunny might get confused since their parents were at a hotel, and go to the hotel instead.
so saturday night, several random times they would all three just stop what they were doing and "sneak" into the room where the easter bunny has tended to leave past loot just to check in to see if he made an early appearance.  it never happened, but that did not keep them from looking.
he ended up showing up right on time, just in time for their 5:30! wake up time the next morning.  as my brother used to say when he was little, "that yeaster bunny, ain't he a mess."  to which i say..."can you believe my mother let him say 'ain't'?"  i never.

i would like to take this opportunity to say...the easter bunny NEVER left hidden eggs on morrison lane!  never.  basket, yes, but no eggs.  i was ripped off.  i think i need to re-live my childhood.  the easter bunny and i need to talk.
after all the excitement of our morning, we headed to the city (don't you like how that sounds?) and met their family for brunch.  and i love this pictures, it screams, "i am a girl therefore my life will be just a little more difficult."  

girls.  don't you remember those sunday mornings?  i have felt that way many a' morning.
swimming lessons with fardo (their grandfather) after brunch.
he thought he looked really cool with his easter googles on.  ( i didn't want to break the young michael phelps' heart that that would be the stickers still on the lens'.)
then he said, "take a picture of my BUTT!"  and proceeded to hysterically DIE laughing because:
1.  BUTT is SUUUUCH a big boy word in the land of bottoms.
2.  he thought he was pulling one over on me.
3.  i actually took the picture.

because i am that cool.

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