thank you.

several months ago, my dad was not doing well at all.  it was scary and i was worried.  i was worried for my mom but mostly my dad.  worried, because, well...he's my dad.  and dad's aren't suppose to get sick and down and stay there.  it shocks you and rocks your core and makes you think about life a little more than the days proceeding.

my mom ended up taking a leave from work because he could not be alone and she felt like she needed to stay with him.  after fifty years of marriage, i can not imagine the fear she was feeling.  i have never seen my mom cry because of fear.  and i will never for get the morning that he woke up and did not recognize her, i have never in all my life seen my mom so upset.  i can not imagine the person that i love and have loved for over fifty years not knowing my name.  he was hollow and empty and i really never voiced this, but feared for the worst.

after a few months though, he has slowly gotten back on his feet.  mom is still not working and will go back in may.  and hopefully, dad will just continue to dad.

the closest man to perfect i know, expert gardener, mechanic, builder and crafter.  loving and kind.  organic and sincere.  real.

i am sure there will be some rough patches again, for those in the later stages of parkinson's there usually is.  but for today, i'll take the healing that seems to grow more evident every day.

yesterday when i called him, he told me all about the garden that he had been working on all week.  that it was bigger than years past.  and that he had mowed the lawn all afternoon until it had gotten too hot and that he was about to go tiller some.

that's my dad.  hard worker.  rough hands.  quiet voice.  gentle giant.

if you know my dad, you know that there is not a better man out there.  and daily i strive to make him proud in every choice i make.  i hope my reflection does him justice.

thank you for all the kind messages and emails and calls concerning my dad.  i noticed and was touched that you cared enough to let me know you were thinking about him and praying for him.

keep the prayers coming.  'cause the vegetables aren't in yet and summer is on the way.

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