it's me. it's me!

sorry i disappeared.  i really am.  don't judge me, i was busy...okay?

but while i was away i was in chicago and then florida;  theeeeen i finally arrived back in good ole music city and my computer was high jacked by LOST; and we have just reunited (and it feels sooo good...).

while i was away:
i gained a new reader.  thanks ben wilder.
got lighter hair.  i look just like jennifer aniston now.  believe it.
missed this boy i know.  a lot.
drove around with a large mammoth of a dog in my passengers seat.  uh huh.
got a marriage proposal.  i really did.
won a bet.  by a landslide.  IVY in LA here i come.
took some awesome pictures.  with my phone.
saw david gray sing.  LIVE.
wore my leggins wrong side out for the entire night.  i liked them better.
sat beside an adult in a plane with a very large stuffed animal.  shrek to be exact.
read two books on the kindle on my phone.  which i am still unsure of liking the experience.
accidently flashed some folks on the beach.  woops.
built a grand sand castle.  even if i do say so myself.

it was busy.  those are my excuses for not writing.  but i missed you all, my mass of readers.  and am glad that we are back together again.

here's some proof:

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