candy. necklaces.

recently the easter bunny brought the little fellas these candy necklaces and i was taken back to this day so long ago:

when i was a nanny for my clarksville family back in the day; the kids were...four, two and just born; the older two received candy necklaces one day for something (they did that was outstanding, i am sure...).  the two year old little girl, we'll call her lulu, could be mischievous and precocious but was also shy and unassuming, had already went to town on hers and had nothing left but the elastic to show for...her brother, we'll call him spence...he on the other hand had a full necklace of candy that he had decided to save until morning.  he wanted to kenny chesney it up with his tight necklace for the evening.  

so to bed they went, lulu in her room with no candy because hers had already been devoured.  and then spence in his room with his kenny chesney look-a-like candy necklace snug around his neck til morning. as their nanny, i thought the worse that could happen was that he would awaken with a rainbow for a neck that a little soap and water could cure.

i was wrong.

for something far worse happened.

the next morning when he woke up, he came running into my room screaming crying because around his neck was only elastic.  no candy.

i immediately knew what had happened.

for...when he had fallen fast asleep that night, his sweet little sister had snuck out of her bed and nibbled around his neck until she got every piece of candy off of the necklace only to leave the elastic still in it's place without waking her brother.

to this day, this is one of my favorite nanny stories, because can't you just imagine a sweet little two year old nibbling on her sleeping brothers neck just to eat all his candy?  

my only regret is that i did not catch her in the act.

and speaking of candy...

last night during a heated game of wii bowling with; heated game of bowling in which i WON.  oh yeah, believe it.  (and i am humble enough -enuff- to add that I NEVER WIN.  EVER.)  but luck (because there is no skill - he always wins...he has skills.) was on my side and i WON.  oh yeah...anyway...did i mention i was humble?  okay, maybe i was wrong.

we were bowling.  i had eaten two small tootsie rolls (that i had stolen from him) and thought it would be awesomely funny to wrap the tootsie roll papers back in itself to appear as though it was a tootsie roll uneaten.  because i am lame and immature. and get my thrills out of misguided fun such as above prank.

because what utter defeat when you are that close to eating chocolate and you get nothing.

horrific, huh?

well.  it happened.  he took the bate.  maybe he took no bate, there was only one tootsie roll left (or what he thought was a tootsie roll, hehe), mabe he was just being greedy so i would not get the last one...

i showed him. 

he opened it.  and paper fell into his hands.

and i haven't laughed that hard in a long long time.

because clearly i am a dork and immature.

but, people, it was funny.  

try it sometime, you will laugh too.

ba hahahahahahahaha.

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allyson said...

haha your so funny girl! i can't believe that sweet girl ate the candy off her brothers neck! haha i wouldve looooved to have seen that!

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