alicia parlette's story

my friend john has been posting pictures of his friend alicia lately. i could tell from some of the pictures that she was sick, but until tonight had no idea the struggle that her life has been in the past years. tonight i noticed he posted a link to her story on his facebook page, so i decided to read. and for the past hour or so, tears have been pouring out of my eyes and i can hardly keep the laptop dry.

i met john when he moved to nashville and we immediately became friends. so tonight i dedicated my evening to read alicia parlette's story. which is both inspiring and gut wrenching. read this story and be thankful for the health you have been given. and as you are crying, dry your eyes and say a prayer for those that are close to alicia. for i can not imagine what they are feeling right now.

love ya john and am thinking about you.

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