happy (it's not her) birthday (yet) day.

in the spirit of an excuse to go to arrington vineyards and everyones schedule worked out, we decided to pack a picnic and head to arrington, tennessee for the day to celebrate bessie's birthday a week early.  she has always thought herself a big deal...so it did not surprise me in the least that she wanted to turn this in to a week long celebration.  bet the thinks she is going to get presents throughout the week as well...
bessie is beautiful.  and one of my favorite people that i know.  blessed i am that i took a job ten years ago with her; and had the privilege to meet her and live life with her throughout the years.

bessie also think these pictures are horrible of her.  she thinks that she needs powder.  that her face looks sweaty.  and that she looks old.  i think that she looks like bessie.  except the last one where she broke out the fake smile, but then again, that's bessie.  i think these are a lovely series of pictures, thank you iphone.  and the other thing i think is...bessie doesn't read my blog but once a week AT THE MOST, so by the time she reads this, it will be old news and she won't get a vote.

* these pictures were not used with permission.

here's the other thing.  bessie is a perfectionist and likes everything in it place, hair included.  she was hot yesterday.  i mean, like sweaty and stinky hot.  so she asked me to pull her hair up.  i, on the other hand, appreciate the messy hair not perfect 'do. so i am responsible for the hair.  if she new she had a side of hair hanging out, she would have rapidly scolded me and headed to the first mirror.

*  this picture was not used with permission (either)

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