hi. i missed you.

i am back.  and i think i will stay for a while this time.  maybe.  if i am lucky.

last weekend i was otherwise delayed in memphis and a saturday to sunday easy up and back turned into a saturday-six hour drive to memphis-four hour show-drive home-woops, there's a flood-turn around-stay another night-how in the heck are we going to get home trip.  tuesday it was back to work after a missed day monday and then thursday it was back on the road with the little fellas and their plus one.

needless to say, there has been no time for anything.  blogging, pictures - nothing.  i am really sorry.  i long for the days where i can sit and blog and watch the real housewives of new york all day long.  (hope they are still on on 30 years...)  just imagine how great my writing will be and the entertainment...i can't even imagine!

so after two days home, i was back on the road.  (in the backseat this time)
the fellas in the back and little bit and i were bringing it home in the middle.  often we were serenaded by this guy, because he has recently found reading to be essential to his daily life and can read.  it has been awesome watching his language develop and watch his interest for reading peak.
i would like to tell you that there was a lot of this happening.  there was not.  she hung in there, but sleeping was not a priority to her.  can we say N-E-E-D-Y.  she's such a B-A-B-Y.

once we arrived there was time for this.  (and yes, i realize that this is a generic dime a dozen shot, but just go with me here.  i was alone.  and i just could not help it.)  this was before my legs became the same color as our good friend, mr. lobster.
after a long race (not my own), some beach time, one hundred games of kadema in and out of doors.  it was time to pile back in the car and head home.
we made it to nashville, happy.  and then in cool springs we (she) lost it and was over herself, myself, O-V-E-R I-T.  so feet propped on the movie player it was and smooth sailing all the way home.  thanks to mommy and me (lord, help me - this is the worst video ever made-but who cares because she loves it movie).

we could have kept going for hours...or until the credits started rolling....

so, all that to say...i am here, in nashville.  and will be here he rest of the week and even throughout the weekend; so there is a large possibility that i will get my act together and:

1.   blog
2.   get alicia's pictures to her FINALLY.
3.   catch up on the real housewives of new york.
4.   laundry
5.   pictures
6.   there
7.   is
8.   entirely
9.   too
10. much
11. stuff

i am already tired.  off to fold some clothes and unpause the real housewives...

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