i have a mini blind.

i moved before christmas across town in nashville.  my new place (which i guess isn't really new anymore) was lacking a blind on one of the doors.  well, the only door.  so what's a girl to do.

of course....

just hang a fleece blanket up for a week or so...til you get the mini blind.

that was then (november)...

today it is may seventeenth.  and today, i am happy to report that i have a wooden blind that is very much hanging on my door. it looks all pretty like too.  i hit my head on the ceiling thirteen hundred and nine times in the process.  sweated bullets trying to screw the screws in the door.  and held my mouth just right as i put the final touch in place.  and it worked.  i have a working wooden blind on my door.

it looks like i live here now.

immediately, after that success - i looked at my window that is screaming "please curtain me!" and had every intention of heeding to the call...then i decided to write a blog instead and wash my sheets and figure out dinner.

i'm gonna need something to do later.

the end.

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