oh, i've always wanted to be/do that!

yesterday, i found myself saying that twice...and then i got to thinking...what else have i always wanted to be/do.  what previously said makes me shout in exclamation, "oh, i have always wanted to do that!"?

1.     i have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon with someone i love.  because i think it sounds like a movie scene.  and it looks so cool.  and romantic.  but i would want the balloon part to be pretty and not just a plain jane one, i think i would prefer a rainbow balloon please.  someday hopefully i will do this, then i can exclaim, "i have done that!"

2.     i have always wanted to go to alaska.  since i was little.  i just imagine that there are people living in igloos all over and there are huge blocks of ice everywhere and that there are iditarod dog sledding going on 24/7.  and everyone there wears HUGE coats with fur around the collar and hood.  i think that is a realistic view of alaska, what cha think?

3.     i have always wanted to be really skinny.  like anorexic skinny.  i know this might sound sick to most of you, but i am just being real.  i have no desire to be anorexic.  or to act in that way, but being really really skinny has always just made me think that i would be beautiful.  here's the hard facts though:  i am a morrison.  enough said, i will never be anorexicly thin.  i will have to settle for working out and making good food choices and being the best i can be.  i know thin does not necessarily equal beauty but sometimes i just think it does.  don't judge.

4.  i have always wanted to be a wife and mother.  i can think of nothing more fulfilling then loving a family and making sure as a wife and mother that all their needs are met.  to some it might sound redundant and boring, to me, it sounds like heaven.  trying to make the people that you love most in the world happy on a daily basis.  bliss.

5.     i have always wanted to have really long hair.  with curls.  for forever i thought this a pipe dream, but for the past year or so, i am seeing that in all actuality, i too can have long hair.  who knew?  because we all know (or at least bessie does) that i had some short hair once upon a time.  those hawaii pictures are buried for life.  why have i not thrown them away?  think kate gosselyns short 'do only shorter.  bless my heart.

6.     i have always wanted to be cool.  like when you met me cool.  like, "man, i really need to know this person cool."  cool from head to toe.  just exude coolness.  i exude dorkiness currently, borderline nerd...but my desire is to be cool.  real cool.  someone, please?

and there you have it.  there are more, i would keep going, but that is all you can bear for now...trust me.  what have you always wanted to do/be?

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