{wednes}days of summer.

schools out for summaaaaa!  and we can hardly hide our excitement.

as he stood looking for a tennis ball for...let's see...ten minutes. little did i know that the two objects in the far right and left of this picture were in my future for today.  that would be the pressure washer and the gas (that goes in the pressure washer).  might i add that i wore a dress to work today.

french fries at 9:45.  hey, it's summer.

after some disgruntlement this is what i found at 10 am.

10:10 - a game of 'balloon bollyball'

10:15 - while the adult and his brother were otherwise occupied playing bollyball, he thought he might ride his sister like a horse.  to which when i saw him start to straddle her i told him if he ever did that again he would have to go in time out for a long time.  he said not to worry because he just sat on her dress, not her back. thank you four year old.  i was not worried.  at all.

she survived.


10:30 - she tried to convince me that crawling was not in her best interest.  she could get to where she needed to be in the arms of 'yours truly' much quicker and even much more happier.  even though she knew it was developmental appropriate to crawl she also knew that her nanny was lonely when she was not given the opportunity to transport her from place to place.  thank you miss jessica for heeding to the crawl  call.

11:00 - i pretend that i have a corporate job and that i need to check my email, facebook and twitter.  then i realize i have no new messages, and that i follow the bachelor jake on twitter and realize this is why i am a nanny and then put my phone away.

 and repair the plane that i had built on tuesday and added a pilot.

11:15 - she sees a lego man that she needs to taste.
11:16 - i wrestle the lego man out of her hand but then get distracted by her fine motor skills and how she was manipulating the man from hand to hand and then the pincer grasp...wow...i could go on and on.

we call this "granny ain't got no teeth" look.

just another, actually the first {wednes}day of summer.  

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