i carried a watermelon!?

"i carried a watermelon!?" has to be one of the greatest and memorable movie lines ever.  after all, she did carry a watermelon right into the arms of johnny castle.  i know many a girl that would take up watermelon carrying as a sport if it landed you in the arms of patrick swayze.

every time i watch 'dirty dancing' and hear baby say that line i think of my dad. 

baby carried a watermelon right into the arms of patrick swayze.

my dad carried a watermelon too, right up a hill and lost his pants.

if you know my dad, you know that he is slow to speak and only speaks when necessary.  he is quiet, meek and mild.  if you do not know my dad, see the previous sentence.  my mother on the other hand never lacks for words and my dad long ago has learned the art of, "okay, jane."

long ago, when their daughter was seven, we had a forth of july party at our house.  the entire church was there *potlucking and having fun.  my mom was in the kitchen preparing food and said, "hey roy {my dad} come get this here watermelon and take it outside so we can eat it!"  (say this as southern as you can and you will appreciate it more.) 

"okay, jane."

dad got the watermelon, and as he was walking up the hill to the backyard and as everyone and their mother (literally) was watching he said to me, 
"jessica, my pants!"  

"what daddy?"

"my pants!"

and then, right there in front of god and all his witnesses...there went the pants of my daddy.  

and as quick as the color drained from my face, my daddy had bent over; sat the watermelon in the grass; pulled up his pants and continued carrying the watermelon to its desired location without missing a beat. cool, calm and collected, thats my daddy.

that was the last time i remember seeing my dad without suspenders.  red ones.

*potlucking and having fun:  those two words to not go hand in hand for me.  i will avoid a potluck like i avoid the flu.  there is nothing worse than a potluck in my world.  nothing.  little old ladies making food for the church taking a bite and sticking the spoon right back in stirring away, taking a bite, putting the spoon right back in stirring away til it is ready.  vomit.  even on christmas eve, when my family gathers to have a POTLUCK; i eat whatever my mom cooks and sliced tomatoes.


Alicia said...

Love the story....but love your distaste for potlucks even more! I'm the same way! ICK!!! And I actually have an aversion to buffets in general! YUCK!

Lacie said...

Ha! I often feel bad for the people I cook for because I have been so double-dip happy throughout the process.

Also, I wish my dad wore suspenders. Especially ones that were motivated by unexpected mooning fear.

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