everybody loves a baby.

some days i pretend like i am a real live photographer and then i grab the closest live subject and shoot.  unfortunately for her, or maybe fortunately...she seems to be available.  and since i am the nanny, what i say goes.

like when i told her that we were taking all her clothes off and sit her in grass that she has never even touched for this shoot. then i thought adding a balloon would be artsy and cool and keep her on task.  (she is eight months old, i realize this is an impossibility, but go with me)  the balloon was a good idea (to me).  she did not appreciate the eight hundred times that i told her "no mouth" which again, i am very aware that she does not know what her mouth is, and the combo together "no mouth" means about as much to her as the same words would mean to me in french.

anything to avoid the dishes and vacuum that is waiting on me inside.

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