my mind is full.

there is so much on my mind, yet nothing at all.  (i really just like typing the word 'yet' it makes me feel intellectual.  i have a hard time spelling intellectual though, so what does that mean?)

my baby nephew ethan graduates from high school on friday which make me feel cranky.  because it makes me feel old.  and then it also makes me feel sorry.  sorry that i cried for three days after he was born because he was a boy.  i just wanted hair to braid.  and i have failed at convincing him to let his locks grow ling long so i can braid them.  he graduates from high school on friday!  where did the time go?  he has his entire life ahead of him and has no clue.  he would disagree with me, as did i disagree with all the kind folks that told me that as well upon my graduation. he has so much life to live and i can't wait to watch and cheer him on with his many life decisions, good and bad.  well, maybe i won't cheer quite as loud for the bad decisions...

i stayed the weekend at the little fellas and their sister.  we had swimming and soccer and plenty of wii to go around.  they are tired, i am tired but we still love each other, so all in all it was a success.  maybe not so much for their dog, who kept me up all night last night with his arthritis. bless him. bless me.  three kids sleep well and then the dog keeps you up.  ain't life grand?

tonight is the LOST finale.  i will not be watching with the rest of the universe.  no offense ABC, no offense smoke monster.  i just had six seasons previous to watch so i will not be at your going away PARTAY tonight.  for that, i am sorry.  i am sure you will air just fine without me.

tomorrow though, to fuel the addiction, the bachelorette starts again.  and like i needed to add one more thing to my nightly schedule, i will watch alli find love.  and pray along the way that she gets a stylist for her hair because her hair puts me on edge.  she is cute as a button, yet (there's that word again) her hair is always a hot mess.  and i can appreciate the hot mess look because i usually represent it well.  BUT i am not on tv vying for the love of twenty five males, if i was my hair would look good.  (and i would have lots of eyeliner on at all times...LOTS.)

see there, that is a lot on one girls mind.

and then there are the bills to pay, house to clean and groceries to buy...and alicia's pictures that are almost ready to be mailed...

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