i'm so lonesome i could cry.

isn't that a song?  i think my mom used to sing it to me...kinda like a lullaby.  what was she trying to say?  was i that boring of a child?  i think i might have just given myself a complex.

thanks mom.

this weekend, nashville packed up and moved to manchester, tennessee and everyone that is not from nashville and/or lives here is selling out our hotels and enjoying all the goods that country music has to offer.  they are putting money back into our economy that was wrecked by the flood by buying out every pink cowboy hat in this town and boots to match.

if you live here, just look around.  i am right.

i am a non-participater in both.

he (www.baddstudios.blogspot.com) is in manchester, tennessee enjoying the likes of the national, weezer, lcd soundsystems, the flaming lips, jay-z, stevie wonder and so much more.  at the last minute i bailed for another trip that we have planned.

and i knew i would miss him.


i miss him.  (barf bag, go ahead and get it, i know i know.)

what usually is a weekend of just whatever happens to be going on, but together, is me without him.  and i miss him.  and i have been busy.  i have had a full day of work yesterday.  today was the pool all day and then all evening with friends at arrington winery.  i have had stuff to do, i have been busy.  but i feel lonesome, i feel like a piece of me is missing.

it is so weird.

i kinda like it.
having someone to miss.

while i am missing him, he is living his favorite four days of the year and missing me might just be last on his list.  for he is in heaven.  and i am okay with that.

i am not so lonesome i could cry.  i am just lonesome.

but i will be glad when he comes back to nashville.

at least i can dry his tears because he is so sad that bonnaroo is over.

because i am that nice.

and i miss his face.


UPDATE:  for all of those that have asked, my dad is doing better.  he has had three good days and it looks like that we are going to be able to get him into a doctor at vanderbilt that my brother thinks might have some answers.  he is still in short term care, but after a week will re-evaluate and he may be able to return home.  please continue to keep him in your prayers and thoughts.

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