takin' it to the streets.

the first weekend in may (aka, the weekend of the flood in nashville), we (www.braddstudios.blogspot.com and myself) headed to memphis for the 'memphis in may.'  we were pumped to see the likes of
jerry lee lewis!  
i mean, come on.  that's just cool, huh?  on the way there, we called my dad and he said, "jerry lee lewis?  he's OLD!"  and he is...but he can still tinkle those ivory's and draw a crowd.  there may not be any dancing, but entertaining...it was.  
he shakes my nerves and rattles my brain.
++i interrupt this blog for a commercial break++
starting now, i am going to start taking pictures of tshirts in the crowd and the folks that are wearing them.  because it never fails to entertain me.
++back to our regularly scheduled blog++
michael mcdonald!
be jealous, please?  that man can saaaang.  he was awesome and then after the show was over we hung out with him at his hotel, because we are cool like that.

the truth would be, we saw him walk past us as we were checking in our hotel.  walk past us like two feet away, we were dirty and homeless looking and he looked freshly showered, so we left him alone.  but not before we growled in our best michael mcdonald voice, "takin it to the streets..."
he rolled his eyes and kept walking.

okay, okay.  that didn't happen either.  the only part that is truth is
"we saw him walk past us as we were checking in our hotel.  walk past us like two feet away, we were dirty and homeless looking and he looked freshly showered, so we left him alone. "
take special note of the dirty and homeless looking part.

and i promise that happened.

but we did want to sing 'takin' it to the streets' gravely and loudly.  well, i did.  i am sure my partner in crime would have never sunk to that level.  he is much more than composed than myself.
hall and oates!
oh yes we did.  and they were awesome.  all two songs.  for during their second song.  the tornado sirens sounded loudly and intercoms came on saying a tornado had been spotted in the park.  the event was over and please leave.  although, i do not think they said please.  i am sure of it.  rudeness.

so we all left quickly.  me.  him.  and all five thousands of our closest muddy friends.  herding cattle is much more organized and well...organized.  there are no crying girls, drunk crying girls and muddy drunk crying girls.  just a bunch of 'moooos.'  give me cows any day.

we made it to the parking garage where we were parked for a while.  like two hours.  but at least we were safe and together.  it did cross my mind if for some reason the parking garage crashed to the ground, things could get tricky.  i never voiced my concern.  just watched the sideways rain calmly.
while we were watching jerry lee, we looked to our right and there was this guy.    one of the guys from zz top.  we were cool again and just listened as everyone else talked to him.  for example, this girl said, "are YOU zz top?"  to which he replied, "yes, yes, i am."  

and take notice to the gals significant other to the right of the picture.  he is so proud of his girl.  all talking to zz top and all.
you go girl.
the next day we headed to hang at elvis' house.  which was cool.  he has a nice place, i tell ya.
he is not the humble-ist of dudes though.  he had prizes, accolades and achievements hung all over.  show off.  he must think he is a big deal or something.  

here is a example of a classic room of his.  number one records all over.

but do you notice something a little off?
you see it, don't you.
it.  is.  crooked.
and this anal pants gal can not handle things like this.

the weekend.
the great company.
the fact that we were stranded because of the flood.
jerry lee.
zz top.

when i think of this weekend, this is what comes to mind.
i can't help it.

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