wednesdays. wii. mr. bwad.

once a week or so, he is nice enough to make their day and come and visit.
and if you are four and a boy.  
it doesn't get cooler than mr. bwad (that's what we call him around here) coming over to play the wii all night long.  
he knows tricks about the games.  
he can look on the computer and figure things out.  
he knows how to fix what is broken.
and if you are a little fella in this house.  
mr. bwad is also a superhero.  
because he tells them that.  
they just can't figure out which one.
sometimes at his work he has to fight bad guys.
he tells them that too.
the afternoons that we are lucky enough to get paid a visit by mr. bwad,
everyone's day around here is just a little better.
thanks mr. bwad.  it's nice to have you for a hero.


Alicia said...

that baby makes the cutest faces i've ever seen!

bessie said...

So sweet!

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