memorial day weekend.

memorial day weekend, we ( and myself) went to a braves game in atlanta.  the beach boys were playing a show immediately after, so it was a two for one deal - so we packed our bags and trekked to atlanta.

after dinner at pittypat's porch, which is already his favorite place, and quickly becoming mine, we walked to the olympic park, partly because, was walkable and a nice night, but mostly because i think the water squirters and the kids (and adults) running in and out of them are quite entertaining.  when he met me, he never knew how easy i was to entertain.  just give me some water and i am happy for hours.

a few months ago, we made the same trip minus the ball game and as we were watching the kids play in the water and i was snapping pictures of other people's children playing in the water (creepy, i know i know).  i make sure not to zoom, that way it's not to obvious, i said, "OH LOOK, those are the OLYMPIC RINGS!" all excited like i had made a discovery that the city of atlanta might have even missed.  and then he told me, "jessica, we are IN olympic park."  well, i never.  how was i supposed to know that?  like i was paying attention the the thirty five signs that indicated as much?

Back to the original blog:  the baseball game.  

oh yeah...

when we arrived at the game, this was the sky.  which concerned me greatly, but also made me thankful that i did not bring the D-90 (my real camera, my first born, my love).  because it might have gotten a speck or a gallon of rain on it...and it has people phobia.  it refuses to go where there are large crowds gathered for it might get touched or looked at wrong, so i take my Olympus.  we (my D-90 and i) are going to therapy for this issue.  i'll let you know how it goes.

the baseball game.

i know, i know.

for some reason, this is turning into a confessional.  which is not my intent, AT ALL.

we made it.  here's the proof.  and it didn't rain.  not one drop.  i was hotter than hot, 
but also funner than fun (you like that, didn't you?)  

it was a good good day.

even he thought so.  really, he did.  it's always a good day for him when i say, "brad!"  and then immediately have a lens in his face.  he adores it.  lives for it.  L.O.V.E.S. it.  

can't you tell?

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