update on dad.

many of you have emailed, called and asked how dad is doing and i just wanted to update you:

as of today - he is still the same; possibly a little worse.  as most of you know, he has had parkinson's disease for twenty plus years and with a lengthly life with this disease, the brain often develops dementia.  dementia is pretty much manifest as one would see alzheimer's disease.  he knows some facts, but for the most part is having no coherent speech or thoughts.

he is strong; but unable to stand without falling.  and has fallen numerous times in the last few weeks.  mom is his constant companion and can not leave his side because he will stand and immediately fall.

it is scary.

mom says, "i know god will not give me more than i can bear, but, jessica, i told god that he was going to have to take him if this was going to be his life because i can't do this forever."  and to hear her defeat is heart breaking.

because at night, he is combative.  he doesn't sleep.  he is aggressive and unable to be still.

today, right now - they are on their way back to the hospital.  

will you pray for my dad?  will you pray harder than you have ever prayer before?  when you think of him, will you say a quick prayer?  because i know, if he could he would be praying for you.  

the other night, brad and i went to see him.  he was lying in bed with his eyes closed wringing his hands.  i asked what he was doing, he promptly replied, "i am getting the grease off my hands."  (he was a mechanic until retirement)

later, i asked:

"dad, so you know who the president is?
"barack obama."

 "well, when is my birthday then?"
"february 5th."

"see there, you know the important things!"  what year?"

brad:  "jessica, is there something you need to tell me?"

might as well laugh right?

more than anything, i am thankful that he is my dad.  i can't imagine a wiser man and a better father.

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