25 things you might not know about me.

1.   i can't get enough pic de gallo in my life.
2.   growing up, my dad always said he would get me three corvettes when i turned 16.  a red one for driving around the town, a white one for church and a black one for funerals.
3.   i have lived with a child or children most all of my adult life and have none of my own.
4.   today i cut my finger on my iphone.
5.   i have followed tiger woods career since he first became a pro.  suddenly i have found myself less interested in his career.
6.   i have always thought i was born to be a wife and mother.
7.   i think bethenny of 'bethenny getting married' is incredible.
8.   i have a girl crush on lisa renna and victoria beckham.
9.   i have fears about my parents passing away.  and have had my entire life.
10. i think mexican food is from heaven.
11. i am on 'team kate.'  you'd be a little nutty and crazy too if you had eight kids.
12. i would like to be blonde.  i am better brunette.  that doesn't mean i don't try over and over again.
13. i have an gadget addiction that i try not to act on regularly.
14. i used to watch too much tv.  now i don't watch enough.
15. two years ago, i had never heard of the show twin peaks.  today i have been to most all of the filming locations and know more about the show than your average fan.
16. i have been to california three times in the past year, but have not been to the ocean there once.
17. i think raw oysters are among some of the finest foods.  i had not had one a year ago.  two days ago, i ate six.
18. for the first time in my life, i am excited about the future.
19. i think large televisions are heavenly.
20. i have a fear of being alone.
21. i am obsessed with all things birds.  i had a friend that used to call me chirp.
22. i think potlucks are grosser than gross.  and should be avoided at all cost.
23. last year i ran a half marathon, this year i think i will try a full.
24. i have always dreamt about going to alaska.
25. i think cruises are where it's at.  royal caribbean take me away...

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Lacie said...

1.) I am with you! I so want to go on a cruise. To Alaska, specifically.

2.) I wonder who influenced you in the ways of Twin Peak-dom? And encouraged you in you California travels? And... okay. I'll stop. I think you get the picture.

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