i know nothing.

i'm at the beach with the little fellas and lil bit.  and because the little fellas have recently turned five, they know waaay more than i know or will ever know.

really why do you waste your time talking?

today we were walking home from the pool and they saw a magnolia tree with a magnolia in bloom, one of the little fellas says to the other, "look at this pretty white tulip, let's smell it!"  to which i reply, "that is called a magnolia.  a white magnolia...(all slow like...trying to TEACH them)"  he says to his brother pretending not to hear a word i said, "look at this pretty white FLOWER, let's smell it."

i give up.

as we continued walking, i started telling them that you could eat some flowers.  they had all kind of questions...
do you have to cook them?
what do they taste like?
where do you get them?
what color are they?
after a rapid fire of questions, i told them that you could eat pansies.
what do they taste like...hot dogs?
white fish?
pink fish?
french fries?
they taste like nothing really.
ms. jessica, what do they REALLY taste like...?  please tell us?
it's white fish and pink fish, isn't it?

yes, it is.

we knew it!

i know nothing.

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