dead dog farm (lookout girl edition)

before you go any further, read this:


recently on another of our los angeles jaunts, this was on the to do list.  i think it rang in at number six or seven.  as you were reading his blog, did you notice the sheer thrill of the chase, the organization of the filming location complete with google maps, and the excitement of the find?  if you missed that part, trust me, it exists.  organized and with it, he is when it comes to filming sites.  

but what he forgot to include in the story was...

hello.  the lookout girl!  

every good mystery has the lookout girl.  and this responsibility fell into my hands this day.  (hold your applause, i am getting quite used to it.)

before he got out of the car, he told me if i saw any police to text him immediately.  we were in the middle of no. where.  that. was.  not.  going.  to.  happen.  but.  okay.  

as i looked out for the cops, i looked at my toes too and decided what my next choise of color would be for my next pedicure.  i decided it would be 'you make me vroom' by OPI.  i thought about where we should eat dinner and how thirsty i currently was, i thought about what normal people do when they visit L.A., i tweeted five times, i took this picture with my phone (i am still looking out for the po-lice mind you...)
and then posted it to facebook with the caption "bet you can't guess where i am..."  and i knew the tons of fans on my facebook page would not be able to guess, since i had no idea myself.  

the good (good?) thing about him, is he knows that i am very easily entertained and and easy, so he pushes my 'very easily entertained and easy button' quite frequently.  i never notice.  what i notice are cops, PO-LICE...and i might be doing thirteen other things but i am still looking out for them IN THIS DESERTED PARKING LOT.  I GOT THIS.

about five minutes into his trek, i received this text message:
as i was laughing that i had just received a real text that had the word cowboy in it...literally laughing, probably slapping the knee...out of the clear blue sky rolls a sheriff all slow like - right beside the car.  the car i am in being the lookout girl! (i waved at him all southern like and gave him a nod of the head for bonus, we are not doing anything wrong points.)

sheriff like less than one minute away from boy that girl was suppose to be looking out.  as quick as my fingers could type/text. i wrote 'sheriff driving back there.'  notice the two I's along with the two F's.  

i am congruent like that.

and because i am the calm to his storm, i instantly sent him the follow up text which should have said (provided i knew how to spell), 'but you are fine if cowboys talked to you i am sure.  no stress.'  i really just wanted to use cowboy in a text like him.

after an elevated blood pressure for about two minutes, i saw him come walking (as opposed to riding in the back of the sheriffs car) around the bend, camera in hand and a satisfied look on his face.


he got what he needed.

and i...
thought about dinner.
and how thirsty i was.
decided on my new polish color.
successfully contacted him upon contact with the law.
thought about what normal people do when they visit L.A.

the end.

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Lacie said...

Nice work, look out girl.

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