ticketmaster alert.

lately, i feel like my head is a collection of mush.  brain has been replaced by mush.  i am hoping soon, we (the brain and i) get back together and decide to become reacquainted because i am starting to miss feeling halfway intelligent.

i also think when you spend most of your days with children less than five, this becomes a reality.  saying your ABC's and singing ridiculously silly songs "to make the baby smile" make you loose brain cells.

math, fuuuugetaboutit.

science, huh?

but twinkle, twinkle...i got that.  hand motions and all.

tonight, i got a ticketmaster alert that one of my favorites were coming to town.

"oh, could it be?  perhaps it is she and him, the national, OH RAY (ray lamontagne) i already knew about you, MICHAEL BOLTON?"  

after all, i AM nashville.  i AM in the know.



get twitter updates and emails from US weekly.  let's be honest, the brain may be mush, but it's not for lack of trying.

back to the original story.

was there an original story?

an original point?

am i original?

i wanna be original.

unique maybe.

i go the email update from ticketmaster, saying 'check it out one of your favorites is coming to nashville.'  

it was 

the wiggles?  yes, the australian all male singing groups that wear the colorful shirts.
please don't make me name them, because i can.  don't try me.

i am a never married, without children, grown adult living in the fabulous city of nashville - with some awesomeness going on in the musical genre every night


i get an update that i need to hurry and get my tickets, BEFORE THEY ARE GONE, to the wiggles.

i digress.

one of the little fellas is even scared of them.

can't say i blame the guy.

my brain is mush and for that i am sorry,

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