the girls are back in town.

after a year long adventure in belgrade, serbia - the girls are back in town!!!  

bessie and i were so nervous on the way to meet them at cracker barrel (that's one way to get ya acclimated back to tennessee, just throw ya right in!-welcome back to the south gals!)
will they still like us?
will they recognize us? 
and they did!  they still liked us and they recognized us!  as i was loving on M, LD attacked me from behind in a bear hug, it was just good to all be together again like old times.

they had just been in london for the past two day and LD was telling us all about it, she said something about a london bridge and bessie said, "was it falling down???"  

pretty good one bessie!  so i laughed and laughed...and i hit LD and said, "did you hear bessie she made a funny! (all proud like)" and LD said, "i heard her, i just didn't think it was funny."

and that is why we love each other, we are so different, yet so much alike. 

welcome home!  

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