memphis? memphis.

last time i went to memphis, this happened.
two hours later...
five hours later...

i think you get the picture (times three...come on...that was funny!)
it was a blast, i tell ya.  ended up being a flood.  what we later learned was the flood of 2010,
the flood that sparked the "we are nashville" campaign.  the flood.
like almost noah and the ark kinda H20.

and as bad as it was being stuck in the car for FIVE hours, i can't help but think,
it could have been worse...
i mean, this day was pretty complicated.
small door, big couch.
es complicatedo.
we could have been stuck in a small car.
a small car with a flat tire.
IN the rain.

you all agree.
collectively, you said..."ahhhh, that would have been bad..."

let's review.
we WERE stuck on the interstate for five hours,
WHICH was bad, long and hot.
at least my fingers were not being smashed one grunt at a time trying
to get a couch that clearly does not fit through a doorway clearly not made for 
the said couch.
we could have been in a small car,
a small car with a flat tire in the rain.
for five hours in a small car
with a flat tire
in the rain.

it can always get worse.

i think i might just stay home.

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