i have writers block.

and it is not my own fault.  i have shared my concerns with www.operatingonrandom.blogspot.com and she agrees.  so it must be so.  there is really only one remedy.  and that has yet to happen.  when that happens i uncover the mystery of my writers block.  i know you are on the edge of your seats.

until then, know this:

-when viewing the movie 'inception' this weekend, it made me want to fall asleep and dream.  or was i really dreaming, or was i three dreams deep?  what i was...is really confused.

-why the heck are movies so expensive?  and who made the rule that matinee movies are before 3:00 pm?  didn't it used to be before five?  because we (two of us) went the movies at 3:40 pm and it was $21.00!  either i am just getting cheap in my old age or that is really expensive.  i think it is really expensive, because there is no old age happening in these parts.  please do not argue, for i am right.  not a day over 21 am i.

-after trying to see 'inception' this weekend at 8 pm on friday night and failing.  it was SOLD OUT, that's what the sign said in all caps.  i am not a fan of ALL CAPS for i feel like i am being yelled at, and i do not take kindly to being hollered at. (and i know you are also not suppose to end sentences with a preposition but "hollered' had to be followed by 'at' even if it is wrong.  i will try my best to not repeat the same mistake twice.)  we decided to get all fun like and rent 'star wars.'

-i must be madly in love.

-i have been alive for 34 years 21 years and have never EVER (yelling) felt the need to see this movie.  or the thirteen that follow it.  i know who princess leia is, although i did just have to google how to spell her name and i know that harrison ford played a key role.

-too bad the disc from blockbuster was broken so we were forced to watch HGTV (thank heavens) and then 'bethenny getting married?,' the best show on tv right now.  if you haven't seen it, watch it.

-so i have to wait anxiously for the next star wars movie viewing.  (this just in...i have been told the malfunctioning dvd has been returned and the new and working one is now rented and ready.)


-back to the writers block.  this morning, the plumber, carpet guy and heating and air folks have been here.  the carpet cleaner dude wanted to be my BFF, so we talked and chatted about carpet and clarksville, two hot topics, i know, i know....i showed him my blog after he asked what i was doing - i showed him that i was writing, and he asked what a blog was, so i took him to the computer and visually showed him my blog, and he said, "all that writing?  you did all that?"  then he got distracted by the wrestlers a few blogs down and we had to talk about that for a while.

-so according to the carpet cleaners philosophy, i have no writers block.  thanks carpet cleaner guy.

i will leave you with this.  hope you get as much out of your day as this guy got out of the double...triple...rainbow.

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Lacie said...

Hahaha! Did I get this right? You told the carpet guy that you had writer's block, but when he saw how much you had written he said that you couldn't possibly be blocked? Well, clearly. Your problem is solved.

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